Company Overview

GCS (Gain Control Systems) provides state of the art following line of proficiency

  • Manufacturer of Electrical & Control Panels
  • Distributor of
    • VACON (Finland)
    • KDT CIMON (Korea)
    • NANHUA (China)
  • Installation & Commissioning (Field Services)


Electrical & Control Panels

We strive to offer the very best in each and every product of electrical & control panels. Our manufacturing and industrial plant integration experience combined with our group of highly skilled professionals. We provide a complete turnkey project with all departments in house allowing us to maintain exceptional quality from start to finish.

Providing the solutions you demand, we are proven, trusted and established organization that offers extensive experience in the design, implementation & project management.The experience we provide will result in cost effective solutions, reduced down time and total asset protection.



VACON (Variable Frequency Drive)

Vacon is driven by a passion to design, manufacture and sell only the best AC drives on the planet. AC drives can be used to control electric motors or to help generate power from renewable sources. Vacon has R&D and production facilities in Finland, the United States, China and Italy, and sales offices in more than 25 countries.

Vacon offers a complete product portfolio from 0.25 kW to 5 MW, with global sales, support and service network. Our professional, committed and innovative personnel have a long field experience and a wide expertise in various applications and services. Make the perfect choice we offer robust AC drives solutions to all your needs.



KDT System presenting total solutions for industrial automation field. All of KDT Engineering has the proficiency in this field and their technologies are based on the long-term experience in the automation field since 1988.

Under CIMON board we are focusing on six major automation business fields. CIMON-PLC provides basic controller solutions for automations. CIMON-HMI is a MS-Window based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, CIMON-PPC/IPC provides industrial computer solutions that are based on IBM-PC Architecture, CIMON-TOUCH / X-Panel Provides graphics display touch-panel interface. FRTUs are the core of the electric Power Distribution System (DAS), and system engineering services for electric power stations, semiconductor, and water processing, and so on.


NANHUA (Obstruction Lights, Solar Lights, Fire & Security Solutions)

Every year, many accidents occur all over the world because of safety troubles. Injury and wrongful death expectancy in industry working environment is far high than after-working environment. We kept focusing on people working under hazardous environments, from harbor to mining field, metallurgy plant, tall building, high-way, and off-shore site, etc. Our engineers go to all of above work sites to develop more reliable industry warning & communication products.


Installation & Commissioning

Field Services

We provide our utmost field services to the Oil & Gas, Cement, Petrochemical, Tobacco, Sugar and Food & Beverages industries, in “Industrial Automation, Process instrumentation control, E & I Design, Electrification, Engineering Environment & Industrial Security.

As a System Integrator, we are able to recommend the best products for a particular application while honoring your equipment preferences. We offer our customer total solution for their factory automation needs to improve productivity, quality, reliability, maintenance, record keeping, and profit margins.

We provide detailed Installation engineering including Functional Specification, Ladder Logics, Software Development, Cable Routing, Conduit Routing, Wiring diagram, Junction Box Termination Schedule, Cable Schedule, Installation of Impulse Pipe, Flow Transmitter, Temperature Detector, Level Indicator and Commissioning of Field Instrument, PLC and DCS system.